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Trail : Villarrica climbing in Concepcion (Chile)

What is it ?

Climbing one of the most active volcanos in Chile to look mother earth in the mouth
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Climbing Villarrica

To climb the Villarrica you have to book it through a touroperator as it is no longer allowed to go up on your own. Only registered mountaineers that can show proof of their membership of their national club can go up on their own. In that case you have to take care for your own equipment (good boots, crampons and icepick), as it is obliged and will be checked at the entrance. With tour operators this is normaly included as well as solid clothing wich you need on the way down. Also it is essential you bring sunglasses, sunscreen, enough water and some energy food.

photobook Trail : Villarrica climbing in Concepcion (Chile)
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It is approximately 8 km from Pucon to the park entrance. From here you will be brought to the ski station. When the skilift is functioning it is wise to take it as it will save you 400 meteres of climbing in what is not the nicest part of the hike. Unfotunately in my case there was too much wind to operate the lift.

photobook Trail : Villarrica climbing in Concepcion (Chile)
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The climb is made in about 6 to 8 hours. It is not a technical climb, and average slopes are between 25 and 35 degrees. Still it is required that you are in good physical condition. You can make the hike year round but authorities will let you only go depending the wheather.
The way down is very fast as you will slide on your but through a kind of bobsled trail, breakin with your ice pick. It is a techique called seated glissade and will offer you a well deserved fun part at the end.

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With wind the ski lift is not functioning � - Villarrica climbing Nice view from Villarrica� - Villarrica climbing Nice view from Villarrica at the 1st part� - Villarrica climbing Climbing Villarrica with Lago Villarrica in the back� - Villarrica climbing Getting closer to the top� - Villarrica climbing After three hours a tough part� - Villarrica climbing Still going strong� - Villarrica climbing
Rim of the Villarrica at the crater� - Villarrica climbing It does not look like climbing but ....� - Villarrica climbing The boiling lava� - Villarrica climbing The more flat part� - Villarrica climbing Crossing the rim to see the crater� - Villarrica climbing At the top of the world� - Villarrica climbing Villarrica� - Villarrica climbing
The boiling Lava� - Villarrica climbing  

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